About Us


                  It can be attributed to one person…My Grandpa. He started teaching me when I still needed a stool to reach the kitchen counter and every appliance looked like a skyscraper. He would sit me on his lap and show me how to roll dough, make homemade pie crust, bread, pies… what ever struck our fancy. I would place my tiny fingers on his aged, experienced hands to follow his every move, hoping to soak in as much knowledge as possible. When I would turn on the mixer too fast and flour would fill the air and cover our faces, or when I somehow managed to get batter on the ceiling I remember him saying, “Messes are required for making something delicious. That’s how you know it’ll be good.” What he taught equipped me not only for the ups and downs in the kitchen but also in life.

So sufficed to say I wasn’t the average little girl watching cartoons or playing barbies. I was busy watching Julia Child and other cooking shows and playing restaurant in my bedroom. Through the years my love for food has only grown. Thankfully I’ve found an awesome husband to join in my obsession. We are always experimenting with new flavors, making new messes, and learning new lessons. Of course my husband is a grateful guinea pig, always willing to taste test. If ever my husband is looking for me he knows to look first in my favorite room in the house… the kitchen. He likes to watch me in my natural habitat.  Because my husband never got to meet my grandpa, I like to think he gets to know him a little bit each time I bake. I hope you will feel the same way.